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  • Spring-piston

    Spring piston airguns generally use a compressed spring which shoots forward under tension when the trigger is pulled. The spring then pushes a piston that is fitted with a seal that generates pressure inside the cylinder of the air gun, this pressure that is generated then propels a pellet out of the barrel of the gun.

  • Precharged Pneumatic...

    Precharged pneumatic airguns generally are filled to 200bar pressure with normal compressed air, and this air is stored in the airguns cylinder. This compressed air propels the pellet from the barrel of the air gun in small metered amounts.

  • Multi-pump pneumatic

    Multi-pump pneumatic airguns are pumped numerous times using muscle power, this pumping then stores air in a chamber housed inside the gun. This stored air then propels the pellet out from the barrel of the air gun.

  • Gas spring air rifles

    Nitro piston airguns are a relatively modern take on the traditional spring powered airguns. The operating principal is the same whereas a piston is pushed forward inside a cylinder creating pressure to propel the pellet, the only difference being the source of energy being a nitrogen gas filled piston or strut similar to a double acting shock absorber.

  • CO2 Air rifles

    CO2 powered airguns generally operate at 70bar pressure using compressed carbon dioxide to propel the pellet or BB. CO2 offers a very consistent shot to shot velocity.

Showing 1 - 162 of 162 items
Showing 1 - 162 of 162 items